Fatal House Fire in South Springfield


While on my way home from the Drury Panther’s home opener at the O’Reilly Family Event Center, a call went out over the scanner around 10:50 pm, that a fire had been seen coming from a home in South Springfield. Normally, when a residential fire call goes out, many times, it is a small fire on a stove due to grease or gas, or even an electrical fire some where in the home. However, there was something different about the way the Greene County Sheriff deputies were acting as they arrived on scene. Then I heard what changed the way I viewed the situation. “We have a fully engulfed residence with at least one person inside”. I was only about five minutes out, so I quickly headed to the scene. The officers were right. Firefighters from Nixa, Battlefield, Springfield, and Rogersville were battling a blaze in which the heat could be felt two homes down the street. First responders began pushing water towards the front door to make entry to find the building’s lone occupant. After a few minutes, they retreated out of the residence, and began working on the man who lived there. Unfortunately, it was too late. According to Battlefield Fire Chief, Bryan Newberry, firefighters found the man on the floor by the door as if he was attempting to get out of the residence. Newberry said that units from the four districts fought the blaze for forty-five to sixty minutes before the blaze was totally knocked down. The Battlefield Fire Department released the identity of the victim and the cause of the fire was due to smoking materials on Saturday morning after a thorough investigation was performed. The Springfield News-Leader ran my photos and reporting online and in Sunday’s paper. Their story can be read HERE.











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